Cost to build: $226.97 Estimated Selling Price: $450-500 Budget Building at its Finest.

Patience is key. If you wait long enough, the right deal will come to you. This build started after I found a student selling his "half built PC" for $60. The advertisement said it came with an i3 6300, Gigabyte Motherboard, Deepcool DUKASE V2-ATX Tower, and a Seagate 500GB HDD. This was a great deal and I quickly bought it and started to build after finding a 1060 3gb card for $80 and buying the ram, case, and psu on newegg.

I decided to save the Deepcool DUKASE case for a future premium build and bought a newly released Rosewill FBM-X2. The Rosewill case is absolutely gorgeous with and a pleasure to build in. The case also came with a free RGB Gaming mouse which will be handy as a selling point.

The student I bought the deal from had a copy of Windows 10 Home on the hard drive which I used.

Upon completing the build, managing cables, and updating drivers I was confused as to why my program was downloading i5 6500 drivers. I cleaned the dust and old paste from the CPU but never bothered to check the exact chip, I just assumed it was the advertised i3 6300. When I looked into the exact system specs it was a nice surprise to find that the CPU I bought in the $60 combo deal was actually an i5 6500!

This meant I was able to sell the computer for a higher price because even the idea of an i3 will turn heads away.

I will update with sale price when it's bought :)


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The FBM-X2 is probably the cleanest looking budget tower on the market. +1

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how many frames can this do?

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Amazing build, well done! Just saying that if you have more $$$ to upgrade, get a better cpu and get ssd then you will be smooth sailing. (I prefer a i5 9400f for $160 for a really good low budget processor.)