This system took me a while to build as I bought these parts separately as I slowly upgraded, so here is the story behind most of them, ofc, as a x299 owner I have an unnecessary boring paragraph explaining my stupidity XD. I'm terrible at taking pictures so sorry not sorry.

The gpu: black Friday 2016, I bought a rx480 for 180 euro, sold it 10 months later to a miner for 350 euro, bought a used 970 with similar performance for 110 euro, sold it almost year later for 135 euro, I then bought a secondhand gtx 1080 for 350 euro, I felt good as I basically traded my 480 for a 1080. but the card I bought (gigabyte g1 gaming) was broken, the seller said it was used for gaming but when I installed it in my system it created insane coil whine, so the seller told me to take it to the store he bought it from, they looked at it and dug up the original invoice, it was for 20 cards with business account(so that he doesn’t pay vat) so it was definitely not used for gaming. The store spent ages as this was not a private sale, but because gigabyte didn’t answer their emails they decided to give me a new msi gaming x card, so a win win situation.

The cpu: I got this cpu used for 250 euro, and a open box motherboard for 135 euro, the same as a second hand 8700k, but I choose the 7820x as I play at 4k/60hz (maybe 3440/100hz soon) so the per core difference doesn’t change things for me, however the extra cores help as I usually have several things running in the background. And x299 motherboards are just awesome, and because nobody is buying x299 matx boards the prices are great (here in Norway atleast)

The power supply, I know, I can hear you scream, don’t worry, I have not overclocked the system yet, I’m buying an 800w+ (minimum gold) next black Friday

The cooler, I love the simple design, but mine makes ticking noises, I have rotated and moved the radiator, and placed it above the pump for more than a week now with no help, so I will rma it soon, as I don’t accept this from a 120-euro cooler.

The case, the good: its small for a matx case, the flat front panel does not choke the fans, and decent space for hiding cables. The bad: looks boring and honestly, I don’t think it’s that quiet, it’s not any different to my previous cases (bitfenix pandora and phanteks evolve itx). And the filter that covers the top fans is originally glued to some magnets that hold it in place, but on mine the magnets and the filter separated after I moved it twice so I had to break out the superglue.

Future plans: a new psu is a must, new better fans, I will probably dedlid my cpu, and I want to replace the 2tb hdd with 1 tb ssd,


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Your story about your video card is reason enough to deserve a +1. A long road but sounds like you came out the winner after all. Your comment about x299 boards is interesting; I may have to poke around to see if that's true in my region. Needing a workstation platform would be my only reason to abandon mini-ITX for mATX or ATX (eATX even?).

Hope all your planned upgrades go well! May this serve you for many years to come.

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thx, yeah, the boards here in Scandinavia are ridiculously priced, 300-500-euro boards are shipping for one third of the price, some stores basically gave away the boards during black Friday if you bought mobo+ ram + CPU combo. I think they just wanted to get them out of stock because nobody is buying them unless it’s a crazy deal.

I have done some upgrades, I changed the cooler to a cryorig R1 ultimate, and to a 1440p/144hz display. though I have not overclocked the CPU yet, as the fans I currently have are loud and during bf there were only deals on mediocre power supplies, so I will probably upgrade fans, psu and delid (+ copper ihs) during the holidays :)

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Awesome, I hope you can post updated pictures of the process and final product! I've been happily running on a 1440P//144Hz display as well. With the settings I run in certain games, my blower-cooler 1080 won't always break 100 or 120 fps without making a loud fuss about it but it's fine. To me, even with the introduction of 4K/144Hz panels, I still feel 1440P will be sweet spot for a while.

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I will post pictures in a week or two when exam is over as I will rebuild the pc with better cable manegment and some few additonal upgrades. 4k 144hz sound awesome in theory but no matter what the gpu+display prices are I will never touch a 4k display again until windows fixes it scaling issues.