This is my first personal Intel machine and it's only because I had a deal for this computer. I always preferred AMD for its bang for the buck and I always took time to figure out every components to be just the right thing I needed. So I never considered 1080 TI in SLI, or 10 TB of storage with a super uber fast RAID setup or some ridiculous full RGB watercooled 2000W power supply.

The adventure starts like this. I was wandering on Facebook Market during my lunch break and randomly found this PC. At first glance, I was reallly like : "Oh another RGB gaming PC, wow...". But this time, the case caught my attention, in a positive way. It looked simple and professional which is different from like 90% of the cases I see in computer parts stores. The reason why I hate most aftermarket cases is that they always have some bad design features like a front panel you have to manually open in order to reach the DVD player. Not only that, after few years those cheap plastic hinges always fail and break apart.

Anyways, so back to the point, I start digging into the specs of the machine and keep in mind that at this point I always preferred AMD, so I have no idea which CPU from Intel is good or not.

The specs looked like this :

Asus ROG Strix X99 Gaming - Intel i7-6800k - 16 GB of Corsair Dominator Platinum 3000 Mhz - 250 GB Samsung 960 EVO NVME SSD - Corsair 1000W Fully-Modular Power Supply - Corsair H110i CPU Cooler -Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Tempered Glass - Windows 10 License

It was listed at 1200$ and I really thought it was a bit expensive. Foolish right? So I went on PCpartpicker, quickly made a list and instantly realized that it was actually pretty cheap considering the parts were mostly high end parts. Next thing you know, I hop on my car and go get this PC right away.

Believe it or not, I even negotiated and got it for 1000 Canadian Dollars. A total steal lol. Put it this way, if anyone wanted to build this PC, they would get the CPU and MOBO for that price if we include taxes and shipping.

So with the little extra budget I still had, few days after I got the PC, I added a 2 TB FireCuda SSHD (which came with the new Assassin's Creed for free) and a GTX 1070 FTW from EVGA that I got for 400$. Since I was going to open the PC to install these parts, I took the time to re-do the cable management and thank god, once again, this case is so well built.

Deals for days man! (Lucky me managed to get a 1070 during the GPU market crisis because of miners)

Everything summed up, it cost me around 1500$ for my first "built" PC."

In short words, it handles Assassin's Creed Origins maxed out flawlessly, runs CS:GO smoothly, runs PUBG 120-140 FPS constant, renders videos PRETTY quickly compared to my previous computer, looks gorgeous inside and outside (the case is just BEAUTIFUL) and on top of all that, it stays pretty chill even under load.

Funny thing is, a month before this build, I almost bought a gaming PC from Best Buy that was around 1200$ with specs that were nowhere near this machine. Needless to say that if I ever build any computer in the future, I will go with Phanteks, no questions asked. I am truly amazed by the level of quality and attention to details of the case. Everything feels sturdy and well designed.

I've never been a fan of computers with loads of RGB, because I always thought it looked like the "riced out" cars like the ones in Fast and Furious movies. But with this computer, the bright white light highlights the beautiful components in the computer and showcases the matching silver metallic theme of the computer which makes it gorgeous while remaining conservative and classy.

Part Reviews


Delivers great performance, but hell it's expensive when compared to Ryzen processors.

CPU Cooler

Great AIO cooler that comes with a user-friendly software (Corsair LINK). Really love the subtle RGB lighting on the cooler itself.


Packs everything you need but would have been nice to have more NVME slots. A lot of RGB customization on this board which is perfect for gamers with a tempered glass panel.


Simply the best out there. Sleek and classy design while performing with no signs of struggle. Not the cheapest RAM out there. but why would you even expect that.


Simply the best out there. Sleek and classy design while performing with no signs of struggle. Not the cheapest RAM out there. but why would you even expect that.


Incredible speeds and good warranty.


A great hybrid solution at a reasonable price.

Video Card

Best GTX 1070 on the market. Nothing else to say.


A really well-built case with quality components. Comes with generous amount of hardware and zip-ties to manage cables around the case. Every panels are easily removable (either tabs or thumb screws) and the level of details is just astounding.

Power Supply

Good price for a 1000W Fully Modular power supply.

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  • 26 months ago
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you got one heck of a deal on that thing. enjoy it. +1

  • 26 months ago
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Bold piece of hardware. Wow. +1

  • 15 months ago
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With antialesering?