This pc is mainly for gaming. I do use it for some video editing and graphic work, but I will mostly use my laptop for those things when I get it. I helped my friend build his and decided I'd try it out myself since I was in dire need of a new gaming rig. I built this a little over a month ago so the pricing may be different.

(ignore the dust, it's time for a cleaning)

Part Reviews


After building I thought that I probably should've gone with the Ryzen 5 but this one works fine for what I want to do.

CPU Cooler

This one was tricky to install, my friend had to help and we still struggled. Good fan overall.


Ram. Pricy, but fits my theme. Also went with one 8GB stick instead of 2x4GB so I can buy another later down the line.


Almost went with 128GB but ended up going with this.


1TB of space should be enough. Not much to say here.

Video Card

Originally planned on getting a 1050ti but again decided to "future proof it" and get the 1060. I was also going to get an all white asus gpu but this one ended up being cheaper after a rebate. Works good so far.


Again, this one fits with my theme. It was my favorite case from the very beginning, before I picked out my parts. It started the theme. Airflow isn't amazing, being that the front is blocked off. It does have vents at the top and bottom with mesh for dust, as well as vents on the top with magnetic mesh flaps.

Power Supply

Definitely could've gone with a lower wattage psu but decided if I went higher now I wouldn't have to buy another one anytime soon. Semi-modular also helped with wiring.

Case Fan

Goes with my theme. Not extremely quiet but pretty good.


Almost went with the Logitech g213, but I liked how this one had a detachable wrist rest. It has programmed keys for back lighting so you can't customize it much but I'm okay with that.


Great monitor. Got it at best buy for like $100 and had a $20 gift card. Very nice quality and thin bezel.

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  • 22 months ago
  • 2 points

Build looks good man! Did that memory work with your motherboard out of the box? I am checking the qvc list to make sure but that Ram doesn't seem to be on the boards list and I just wanted to make sure before I got it!

  • 23 months ago
  • 1 point

Case looks nice, good job!