Used primarily as a Hackintosh for daily driver, also boots Windows 10 for gaming. Runs cool and quiet, works very well.

Part Reviews


Was able to overclock to 5.1GHz with minimal effort. Runs everything I've thrown at it blazing fast.

CPU Cooler

It's definitely quiet... I can turn it up to 100% and my other case fans are still louder. It's also HUGE-- clearance could be a problem with tall RAM or a narrow case. So far keeps my overclocked 9700k plenty cool while gaming for extended periods.


Well built, excellent VRM design, lacking in some of the extra goodies on the more expensive boards, but has everything I need and nothing I don't. Gigabyte's RGB controller software is kind of meh, but it's not a huge priority for me.


Its RAM. Does what it says on the tin. Will probably buy an additional 16 gigs eventually. Turning on the XMP profile allows it to run at the rated 3000MHz CL15 with no fuss. Heatspreaders are subtle and low profile which is good with a beefy air cooler like the Dark Rock Pro.


This was a really good deal. Not as fast as a lot of the "high end" NVMe drives like the Samsung 970 series, but still way faster than SATA and can't argue with the price per gig.

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