After several years of gaming on a K10 machine with running into bottlenecks it was time for a new build. I was in strong need of more power and as a fan of the Austin Powers Movies it was clear to me to name him simply "Austin".

I am an AMD Fanboy so I was happy that after that fail with the Bulldozer architecture AMD came up with a really great new architecture called Zen. There was no twice thinking required to knew that I wanted to have this.

Built in December 2017 due to extremely high prices in the GPU market it lacked a proper GPU so I inherited the RX 480 from the former build. The completion of that build however was in Dec 2018 with a Vega 56.

That build is for gaming only so it has only software made for gaming like Steam and other plattforms, Logitech Gaming Software, Discord and so on. Every setting like energy saving options are set for best gaming experiences.

I slightly undervolted the GPU so for now I have at least 60-70 FPS in any game on 2560x1440@144Hz and full graphic settings.

The first four pictures you can see are back from 2017 with the old GPU and an old color scheme (I've experimenting with RGB in those days as I had that never before). The last three pictures are brand new and show my built with the Vega 56 and the new color scheme. I decided to have a "smart" lighting linked to the temperature of CPU and GPU. If the temperature rises the color changes from green over yellow to red so I can always see from the outside when my temperatures are too high. In my opinion the only "useful" RGB setting. As you can see in the 6th picture one of my case fans stands still. It is because this one is linked to the Vega 56 whose fans also stands still (see 7th picture). If the GPU gets something to do not only the fans of the GPU but also the lower front case fans starts to run. Mega cool!

I am thinking about rearranging the the GPU from the horizontal slot to the vertical slot with a riser cable so the GPU can be better seen. What do you think? Shall I?

I love my build and it is made to last for at least 5 years. I think the next build comes when DDR5 is a thing as so far I had a build for every DDR generation ;).


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Nice build! IIRC DDR5 releases in 2020. How does your PSU hold up to the Vega 56? Is the temperature based color shift controlled by Aura Sync or something else entirely? The reason I ask is that I have a Gigabyte board and I don't believe that it has that feature in RGB Fusion.

  • 8 months ago
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Hi, thanks for your compliment. I think DDR5 will be available a while so there is no need to get it as soon as it hits the market.

I have no trouble at all with my PSU and Vega 56. I read several times about that this combination works well. Plus I run my Vega a bit undervolted.

Yeah it's entirely controlled by Aura Sync as the RGB from the Dark Base is compatible to it. Right now I build a Gigabyte Aurora based build for a friend and that should do the trick as well.

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I totally forgot to update what I told you before. I already built that Aorus (not Aurora -.-) rig and when I did that (in January) they really hadn't that temperature based color shift in RGB Fusion. I was pretty confused by that as I thought all RGB sync software would have that.