I mainly use the machine for gaming with some light streaming here and there. As my first build I tried to play around with RGB a bit, mainly because it can change colors and therefore the look never gets boring. I know its overkill, but I am an enthusiast so I did it because I wanted to.

Since the Details wont let me change it: the CPU clock rate is at 5.0 GHz.

Part Reviews


Great Processor. Strong under load and achieved 5GHz with no problem whatsoever. The lack of HT is a plus for gaming, since you can achieve higher FPS without it (check youtube videos for proof). And since I am not using it for any work, I would buy it for my use over the 9900k anytime.

CPU Cooler

Pretty decent AIO. If were going for achieved cooling efficiency, I would give it 4/5, but since there is more to consider, its a 3/5. What is there to consider? Well first of all you cannot make a custom curve for your pump, which is a bummer, I would like to make a more steep curve because when I am gaming, I have my headphones on anyways and cannot hear it. Also, the look may not be for everyone. If I had to buy an AIO again (which I wont do, next is gonna be custom), I would go with the Ruyo from Asus, which looks better imo.


Good board, nice BIOS, easy to overclock. Wifi on board which is a must imo (connecting printers and peripherals).


Great RAM, one of the best looking in my opinion. I dont like the gskill ones because they dont blend in that well. Looking forward to the new tech corsair showed us at CES. The next gen will look even better!


Bought it before the Evo Plus was released, otherwise I'd probably bought that one over this. Not really needed for my purpose, but I wanted something stronger than the evo for my OS. Wouldn't reccomend tho cuz...the price... Performance top tho.

Video Card

Good card, looks nice but one thing which is quite annoying for a silent build I tried to do is the fact that you can hear a decent whisper when the fans turn up, which I think is the air being pushed through the rad on the card. Idk if other cards do that aswell, I just know that I will watercool the next one.


Great case, very silent and good dust filtering. The RGB looks nice too and is adressable via the mainboard. It also has a fan controller which is very good since you do not need to buy a separate one.

Power Supply

During idle, the "be quiet!" PSU is NOT quiet. You can clearly hear the fan rattle around which is curious to me. I even changed it for a new one and still the same thing. It is very annoying since I was going for a quiet build. I also don't even get why the fan needs to be spinning in idle when the cpu is at like 800MHz. Next one will be a Seasonic.

Case Fan

Bought them because I wanted at leasst 2 RGB fans, put them in push/pull on the front mounted AIO. Good fans and silent cooling. Wouldn't buy again tho (Id buy the LL ones, same thing but more RGB).


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nice build remove the window to take picture it works better

  • 4 months ago
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Thanks, I will follow up with an updated picture of the build soon and will take the glass off for the pic.

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Hey, can I ask you about the airflow directions of your watercooling unit? Does it blow into the case?

  • 1 month ago
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Yes it does, it pulls fresh air from the outside, and blows it into the case.

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Thanks a lot.