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by PartpickingGlory



Date Published

Sept. 21, 2015

CPU Clock Rate

3.4 GHz

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.07 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

6 GHz


Well, it all started some months ago as an interest that transformed into a full blown ambition. I faintly understood the significance of motherboards, cpu's and such but for all intensive purposes the computer they fit in was magic. I became accustomed to the companies that sold various parts, making accounts to them in the hope of discovering the best deals. I first encountered Newegg which I initially thought to be some chicken company down south. I've come a lot farther then than and as time passed by the primary question became: how would I fund my new found hobby? Well, I had a grand, and I was determined to get as much glory out of that grand as possible.

A quick explanation:

Firstly, my build started without any parts made in China. Since dust is the #1 killer of PC's(except for human ignorance) I made a schematic for a bench that the PC would sit on. I gave it to my grandfather, sort of a handy-guy from the 50's, and he made the bench out of a cherry tree that had fallen in my yard. I thought it was a good way to blend our two hobbies and get some quality time with him. If you want to see the schematic I included it in the photos.

Now for the more common parts: Yes, it's a Xeon. But I still love it. This is an impressive cpu for the price(209$ at microcenter) it comes with 4 cores and 8 threads standing up to the i7 oligarchs admirably. However, it can't be overclocked but with the onset of Directx12 I took threads for overclocking. Following the CPU the rest of my build grew up around it. The motherboard came next with an H97 chipset comparatively to the more popular Z97 chipset. This motherboard is the best for my build coming in at just under 100$ from our southern friends at newegg. It is aesthetically pleasing and has worked with zero problems and is crossfire compatible. The gpu came next. From the onset I liked AMD. Something just wasn't right about nvidia(my personal opinion). This coincides with the personal trait I just love to draw a lot of power. Some may hate on this GPU for the ridiculous amount of heat it makes. If you properly cool it there aren't many negatives to it. I regularly overclock it to 1150 MHz and turn the fan speed up to the almost inaudible 50% on GPU Tweak II and it runs at 76 C (Witcher III, Ultra). All the other parts could be interchangeable in my opinion(except maybe the psu) I purposely got them because of attractive combo deals. I plan to add more ram. If you still want to see my reviews I made specific ones below.

Benchmarks/summing things up:

Benchmarks are undoubtedly important for they show the performance of a build through 3rd party sources. Sadly, however, I only have one Benchmark to share which is from Shadow of Mordor. Understandably, this isn't the greatest source but If you ask me in the comments I will more than happily try more(got this build up pretty fast).

Shadow of Mordor, Ultra, 1080p: 100.57 FPS

(I did this in regular gaming mode: 1070 MHz)

Altogether, to come in at a grand I needed to understand and follow 3 tenets: the best deals; the future and; a reasonable wait. This isn't my first build but by far was my most intense. It's been an awesome journey and can't wait to do it again. I'm hoping to add another 390x down the road and a 1440p freesync monitor as well. I think it was worth it: for the Glory, would you agree?



Part Reviews


Perfect for those people who don't need to overclock and don't want to spend as much money for similar performance. Great CPU deserves every star.

CPU Cooler

Wasn't easy to install but afterwards worked great with minimal noise. Otherwise great "bang for the buck" closed-loop water cooler.


If you don't want/need to overclock this is a great board. Everything is great: the aesthetic feeling, installation, bios ect... Good deal, thank you Asus.


It's ram. I'll get more. Done.


Wouldn't buy separately. The Evo is a better choice. I got this on a combo deal that came in line with other ssd's so I got it. Well, now that I have it, it's great. System boots in 5 secs. Would get again(with combo deal). (:

Video Card

This is hot. Yes, in the sense of being beautiful and having the special ability to make scrambled eggs. If you can't cool this don't get it, simple as that. I was skeptical with the release of "Grenada". But this takes the fight to the gtx 980, somehow. It has decent overclocking capabilities no problems to about 1160 MHz. Oh, and those 8 gb's of vram, why? I plan on having two of these in crossfire. Would buy again obviously. Great card!


This case has everything going for it: great organization; nice airflow and; so on and so forth. HOWEVER, the window is a piece of utter unspeakable crap. Jeez! This thing scratches so easily I think if I were to breath on it the water molecules in my breath would scratch it. This is a fatal flaw and if NZXT hadn't of given me a new one things would of gotten ugly. All in all I must say it is a good case except for that window!

Case Fan

Nice fan. Led's are great light up my case like Christmas. I'd buy another if I hadn't already bought one.

Case Fan

Nice fan. Moves a lot of air and lights up my case respectively. Would buy again!

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KyleReese 5 points 43 months ago

that Xeon is supposedly just a locked 4770 with the IGP gutted out... and a 4770k is just a 4790k but the --90k has a better "revised power delivery system" in the chip. technically Nvidia cards run just as hot as AMD cards these days, you will definitely eat at most 30W more with the AMD 390x at high loads. so the PSU is definitely a concerning upgrade... great job, im doing a black/orange build and considered that Xeon...

ClubGaming_ 1 Build 3 points 43 months ago

I don't know what it is but I just love the black S340 in every build +1

kukumanrock2 2 points 43 months ago

+1 for the awesome s340 case! liking that e3 -1231.

tiny_voices 4 Builds 2 points 43 months ago

That PSU is pretty awful. It only costs $59.99 which pits it lower than the CX750 which we know is junk. This Setney is OEM'd by Sirtec and is built with junk components.

I would recommend changing it ASAP for the sake of this system.

PartpickingGlory submitter 4 Builds 2 points 43 months ago

Thanks to everyone for looking at my build and making constructive points. I agree that I was/am pretty skeptical of the PSU but I've experienced zero issues so far running at about 400W, under load. When I get some more money I'll be sure to replace it.

Although, I'd like to point out the amazon website from where I bought it. Many other people have bought and used this PSU for seemingly extended amounts of time and have been impressed by it. About 211 people have reviewed it on amazon.

Here's the url:



Phillip.Phillip 2 points 39 months ago

How hot does that graphics card get under load in that case? Is there any room for overclocking? (heat wise) Great build! Love the colors

PartpickingGlory submitter 4 Builds 1 point 39 months ago

The auto fan curve is pretty miserable. Meaning the card usually reaches 85C at 1070 MHz and applying an overclock with the auto fan speed would be asking for a crash. I honestly don't understand why ASUS advertised the card as being cool and silent when it's truthful advantage is powerful and cheap.

Thankfully, Asus GPU Tweak II allows you to set a manual fan curve which if you set at about 50-60% fan speed for 70-80C it keeps the card in the mid to lower 70's C. Ironically, it's also pretty quiet at those speeds.

As for overclocking: I've actually reached 1200 MHz before in some games and can keep a stable and artifact free overclock on the Witcher 3 at about 1160 MHz. When your encountering a overclock/manuel set fan curve combo you'll probably be hitting the upper 70's C. Keep in mind the voltage wasn't changed.


Phillip.Phillip 1 point 39 months ago

Thank you so much! Is 4K playable at all with it?

PartpickingGlory submitter 4 Builds 1 point 39 months ago

I have a dual monitor setup

I predominantly game and work on a freesync 1440p monitor. My guess is it will probably do 4k. I'd highly recommend freesync and higher refresh rates over more pixels: my opinion.

Phillip.Phillip 1 point 39 months ago

Sounds great!

pegotico 2 Builds 1 point 43 months ago

this is a nice build but man you need to do yourself and this build a favor. Change that senty PSU ASAP,,,,,,,

+1 , but please change the psu for a good one.

Any XFX, Antec HCG, EVGA GS, G2, B2, Seasonic will be a great choice.

jaredt 1 Build 1 point 43 months ago

First, you NEED to change that power supply out for a better quality unit. Running that unit with the power hungry 390x is wishing for a disaster. Second, if you do crossfire, you should really grab a Z97 board. H97 is fine for a single card in your configuration but it will not have the lanes to run the 390x cfx without a performance hit. Although it is compatible, it is not by any means optimal.

Eddie0711 1 Build 1 point 43 months ago

Great build and excellent photos. I would do a bit more research regarding that psu. It could be placing your components in danger if it is a particularly poor unit.

pickanddrop 1 point 43 months ago

I'm not done reading yet. +1 for blending your hobby with your gramps (y)

gray_brews 1 point 39 months ago

Love the stand btw, very clean build, people tend to repeat each other without experience. Obviously not the best psu but I've used a Senty power supplies in one of my low budget builds and it did fine. No fires, no explosions.. Nice work op

Mr_Anime 1 point 36 months ago

"Oh, and those 8 gb's of vram, why? I plan on having two of these in crossfire. Would buy again obviously. Great card!"

Well, i don't know if you know this but the 8gig's of Cram doesnt increas as you increase the number of cards is crossfire. if you do, sorry for wasting you're time . "peace mate"

p,s, nice build +1

zlazymuhamedx 1 Build 1 point 30 months ago

What color does the power button light up on the NZXT case?? Blue or white?

PartpickingGlory submitter 4 Builds 2 points 30 months ago


Jushi 1 point 3 months ago

This is just one of those really clean builds that you can't stop looking at. Great job, my friend.


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