Finally pulling away from my dying 980ti's to upgrade into this monster. The old i7 never hiccuped but damn did Nvidia miss the mark on SLI / 980 series in terms of longevity.

Not much to say here though, build around mid to late June this year, she is purring. Quite obviously I went big, built a bit prior to new AMD launches which could have saved a pretty penny for me but what the hell this isn't intended to spare a dime.

Tricky bit here was not having working lighting control for a hot minute, have since added a Corsair controller in the 2nd chamber been able to tidy it up and get it a bit more organized. Highly recommend these cable extensions by the way, came with combs, cheap as hell, no issues to report yet after few months.

One thing I cant stress enough with a build like this is when you get into the CPU overclocking, do be careful. The bios here are a bit tricky and not that user friendly for standard OC. There is some use you can get out of the automatic robot that learns how well your watercooling / air cooling are doing then OC's accordingly but it doesn't always work well enough to be stable. If you're flying manual gotta be careful with the i9's 9000 series, they run real hot real quick.

H115i installed easy, comes with some amazing fans. MOBA was nothing but easy, gorgeous built in lighting to the heat shielding, comes with a nice IO shield. RAM comes in black too, LED's have multiple addressable nodes which is **** hot and adds for tons of settings. The white matched my build great couldn't be happier with RAMs performance too, took to XMP settings right away.

860 / 970 EVO's speak for themselves in performance obviously no issues, simple installs. Brain dead musts these days for gaming / file usage. Will say im light on storage with plenty of Sata left to tap, my bandwidth is so high though i hardly worry with this kinda R/W.

2080 TI has been a bit of a let down, wanted more from RTX release. That being said card performs nearly anything I can find at max settings, hell even the hellacious Modern Warfare optimization.

Dell's Gsync monitor flagship is a few years old and left over from previous build. If you haven't disabled your V-sync and upgraded into Gsync / Freesync world youre missing out people. These were the best purchase i'll likely make ever, find a monitor similar with little to no light bleed on reviews / very low 1 ms response time and you're in business folks.

I've used 500 headsets, you get what you pay for there, this is nice, the 4-40000hz on arctis pro w dac is nice. Toggling for CS:GO to base heavy music is simple button.

I adored the Sensei raw mice, now they have the rival series which keeps it simple, gives me needed buttons. Must have and I can go through 100 (never had one die) and still never break the bank. Blackwidow has been my board now for 10+ years i swear, i just upgrade as i beat them too hard, love my green switches.

Thanks, ask me anything !

Part Reviews


Runs hot, very powerful though, would say great enthusiast piece. Not cheap to cool.

CPU Cooler

Amazing really, comes with great fans, does wonderful even with OC'ed high end processor.


Has the bells n whistles you need. Goes a bit overboard but keeps you in enthusiast level with some very nice lighting built in. Bios are very useful but not easy to learn, will say the AI learning for OCing is decent.


No hiccups, perfect SSD.


Top tier M.2, cant beat it.

Video Card

RTX was lackluster, hoping for more. Card is powerful though and doesn't run to hot. Can really be pushed.


2 chambers makes for some of the best wiring you can ask for. Not amazing for custom watercooling, but can be great for any budget build.

Power Supply

Rock star price point on great modular PSU.

Operating System

Its windows 10 , deal with it. Get off 8.


One of the best PC purchases I've ever made. Have heard some reports of bleeding, I dodged that bullet and gsync working perfect.


Ambidextrous mans dream.


Cheap, has everything you need for single GPU build, comes with combs.


Best in class lighting, top tier fan.


  • 2 months ago
  • 2 points

You really pulled out all stops on this! Would love to see more pictures.

  • 2 months ago
  • 1 point

More to come when I get home tonight, the one pic I have has so much reflection in the panel it looks like I have a wire mess. Ill let you see both sides by tonight.

  • 2 months ago
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Few more meh pics up now courtesy of the GF. Ill get some good ones via decent camera tonight still.

  • 2 months ago
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Bro I just came across your build and I think I started to drool halfway through reading the description. You've done an amazing job and were very descriptive and detailed in your ratings. +1

  • 1 month ago
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Thanks man appreciate the feedback. Always nice when I put some time in to report on a build and people aren't hounding me on what I've done wrong just enjoying it with me.

On my first build I thought I pulled out all the stops with 2 980ti's but RTX series now has the price point ascending into madness. Ideally I think one of these days I need to start a series on gaming / streaming at top level for 1/2 of what I spent here.

Again appreciate the kind words hope I've helped in some way.