This is my first ever PC build. I will be using it for gaming and streaming on Twitch ( I've been a console player my entire life and never really believed how far behind consoles were. After playing Overwatch on a friend's PC at 144fps, I was hooked and convinced of how wrong I've been. So, I set out to build my first computer and this is the end result. Apologies for my cat making her way into the photos.

Part Reviews


Because I want to use this for streaming, I went with the i7-6700k CPU. I initially wanted to go with the i5-6600k because I'm sure it can also handle a lot of streaming but Microcenter had a good deal so I went the extra mile. So far it's been working out great.

CPU Cooler

Great CPU cooler. I don't plan on overclocking anything so this should be plenty sufficient.


The ASUS BIOS is very easy to work with, especially for someone who's never worked with one before. Easy installation as well.


Decided to go with 16GB of RAM and waited around to find a good deal. $75 for this product seemed good and couldn't pass it up.


Went off of articles read online and many said the Samsung 850 EVO was a great SSD choice so I went with it. Easy set-up and my computer boots up very quickly. Using it for my OS and most played games.


Microcenter was having a good deal on this Western Digital HDD. This will be used for all remaining storage and saved Twitch recordings.

Video Card

As most 1070 builds say, it is one of the best products when it comes to performance and price. I'm currently playing Overwatch most and I'm able to sustain 150fps on Ultra. Game looks absolutely beautiful.


Great case. Was happy to purchase when the Black/Blue version was cheapest. Matches the Blue Logitech mouse, keyboard and headset.

Power Supply

Easy to work with and plenty of cords.


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Nice first build! only suggestion is to get a bigger desk as it would show off the computer and give you more room, or you could get side stand just for the PC. also a dual monitor arm that just attaches to the desk gives you more room.

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Thanks! But yeah I just don't have a very convenient area in my current apartment for a desk. I worked with what I had but plan on upgrading my desk at some point when I have more room. I've also looked at a couple monitor arms but with how much I spent on the build, I need to hold off before I start buying more stuff haha.