As a former Apple Fan-Girl, this is my first ever PC build.

I have had a ton of fun building this project and have learned a lot in the process! It's a nice feeling that I can now replace a single component myself, if it fails, and NOT have to go to the Genius bar for them to tell me to replace my entire machine!! :)

Although the case comes with stock dust filters, they work only marginally well. I added a Demciflex filter system on my intakes which was reducing air intake. So I replaced the stock fans on the Corsair H105 with Noctua NF-F12 IndustrialPPC-3000 PWMs for better flow through both the case and the rad. Had to turn the rad fans out to blow air from case to outside, because between the Intel CPU and the EVGA card the temps were just outrageous at idle! Also replaced all case fans with the other Noctua's for better flow!

I have accelerated HDD with Intel Optane module 32 GB. (If you are thinking of using optane memory to accelerate a secondary drive you'll need to reformat what you already have or get a new HDD to start from scratch. I had a really rough week trying to get the module to install properly. I called Intel and they walked me through the process!

{You have to initialize the entire secondary hdd in GPT format first! Then when you format that drive you format as ntfs. Only then will Optane recognize the secondary drive} A big thanks to Intel!! However, there still is no information to be had online, yet about installing Optane memory onto secondary drive. All info I found was about how to install onto a primary drive! Anyway, currently putting my files back onto my now accelerated hard disk.)

Putting only system files and my primary gaming files onto SSD and all other software and also files onto the secondary hdd.

Anyway, the system works well. Not planning on outrageously overclocking, but like the overhead and the potential for that in the near future! If I get adventurous! Just really wanted a solid, dependable, machine for gaming; that I could fix if need be! 3D Mark "Time Spy" benchmark of 7256 before my extremely slight overclock. So far so good! I think. Maybe...

3/9/19 Edit: Optane Memory seems to be unstable. Have disabled! Do Not recommend purchasing!!

4/21/19 Edit: Disabled, uninstalled and removed Optane memory stick! Waaaay too many issues! Waste of money and time spent trying to get it to work properly! Neither Intel nor ASUS apparently know how to get this to "work well and play with others"! Had to reformat hard drive! DO NOT RECOMMEND PURCHASING OPTANE MEMORY MODULE! PERIOD!!

Part Reviews


Nice CPU but runs a bit warm without good airflow, even while using a 240 AIO. Just make sure your airflow patterns are proper for your setup. Took me a while to figure out the proper airflow.

CPU Cooler

Good entry level AIO. Comes with TIM already applied. (But I used the MX4 because I kept moving the unit to find a good place to mount it.) Finally chose to use it up top, but had to do some major finagling to fit in the HDD and Optical Drive into the allotted spaces in my case along side the rad. No custom sleeving support. Had to improvise.

Thermal Compound

Great stuff, I think. But this is my only experience with using a TIM. I like that it’s nonconductive.


Great board! Wish I got the one with WiFi/Bluetooth support though. After first post the LAN would not work, even though I had installed the drivers from a USB I had previously made just before build. Very frustrating! Finally decided to try the included DVD. Viola! The LAN drivers were on the disc. I really do not know what people without disc drives in their rigs would do, to be able to get online! Very grateful I had the disc drive!

Edit: 4/21/19 If you are going Team Blue for the sole purpose of utilizing Intel Optane Memory to accelerate a secondary drive; I highly recommend you look else where! Optane memory gave me nothing but headaches. Eventually uninstalled it! Wish I had gone AMD instead!


It’s memory! It works. Have it set to xmp/ 3000MHz!


Nice drive for the price!


It’s a hard drive! Accelerated with Intel Optane Memory! It IS faster with the Optane memory but not as fast as the SATA 3 SSD! Nor nearly as fast I assume as an NVME drive. But the Optane memory does make the stuff running from the HDD faster than a non accelerated drive.

Edit: 4/21/19 DO NOT USE INTEL OPTANE MEMORY!! Hard drive works just fine on its own for long term storage! Optane memory, just really messed up my entire system! Disabled and uninstalled Optane. Reformatted system drive onto the 970 Pro; no problems since.

Video Card

Nice card! Got it for around $530 at the time. Has white LED. Wish it was RGB addressable. But for the price at the time, I’m not complaining. Since the card vents the air out the side and not the back like blower types, I had some heat issues with the entire build until I finally managed to get my airflow right.


Overall a decent case. I took out all the drive cases except the cage for the 5.25” bays, since I’m using the DVD drive. I used a sled adapter to put the HDD into the top bay and the optical drive in the bay below. Had space just above the HDD to mod an install of the fan extension card. Put the SSD on the backside. There are 2 SSD mounts behind the mobo which is nice! So now the interior is pretty open. Not much space on backside for cable management!! And.. not many tie down locations either. Cable management is rough on the backside. Plus there is no PSU shroud so you see all the cables on the bottom and underneath the upper drive bays. I got a custom PSU shroud and placed a piece of acrylic spray painted black over the cables which were showing under the drive bays. Would most definitely get a different case if I were to build this today, just because of the cabling issues and aesthetics!

Edit: 4/21/19 Cable management behind the motherboard is a EXTREMELY limited! As I have been upgrading my system with more drives, etc. this has become a major issue! Will be looking for a new case with more room on the backside!

Power Supply

So quiet when I tested it before starting my build, I actually called tech support. I thought I had a DOA unit. Then the tech had me turn the unit over to see if the fans were actually spinning. Doh!! It was; and IS that quiet!!

Optical Drive

Can be loud under certain situations! Do Not Buy the combo with the Cyberpower software! Was a rip-off!! I was unable to play a blue ray disc to test if it was working, even after installing the Cyberpower package! Ended up having to purchase the blue ray software separately in order to play the movie! But it can read/write/rr M-Discs so that’s a plus. Just don’t get the drive with the software bundle!

Operating System

Meh! It’s Windows!

Case Fan

Can be very loud until you find the right Fan curve. Moves a lot of air and really pushes it as well. Very good at both case flow and pressure! I’m using them because, I’ve got Demciflex filters and they reduce the airflow quite a bit in my case, plus my GPU is blowing out hot air directly into the case as well. These fans work really well getting the air through the filters. Not very pretty, but great fans. Plus, they DO keep things cool!

Case Fan

As stated previously, Can be very loud until you find the right Fan curve. Moves a lot of air and really pushes it as well. Very good at both case flow and pressure! I’m using them because, I’ve got Demciflex filters and they reduce the airflow quite a bit in my case, plus my GPU is blowing out hot air directly into the case as well. These fans work really well getting the air through the filters. Not very pretty, but great fans. Plus, they DO keep things cool!

Case Fan

Actually have the thinner versions of this fan! I’ve placed one over the VRMs near the CPU and one over the M.2/PCH cover to help spot cool. Not good looking! Actually painted the puke brown with black acrylic paint using a brush. Can’t take apart Noctua’s to spray paint. Although I did try. But it takes a lot of masking, plus these small fans are just too tiny to mask and spray paint properly. Like I said I ended up brushing on the paint.


Very nice mouse thus far. I use the MOBA 7 button panel for MMORPG's. Even though the Hex panel is designed for MOBA, it can of course be used in any gaming situation. Some reviewers have stated that they have had issues with the mouse, which seem to appear after about 3 months or so. I have had my Trinity for about 5-6(?) months so far, without trouble. If it starts to have issues, I will post an edited statement at that time.


This model is no longer available.

But, Don't be caught without something similar!


If I could give this No stars, I would! Does NOT work properly and destabilized my entire system! Gave me nothing but trouble from the start! I have disabled, uninstalled, removed and reformatted my hard drive just to get rid of it!


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  • 20 months ago
  • 2 points

Add more pics! Looks good

  • 20 months ago
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More on the way. Waiting for custom psu shroud to cover the ugly bottom! Not that it’s a mess of spaghetti, cause it’s really pretty clean. Just don’t like looking at the cables. They don’t make psu shrouds for my case, so I had a custom one made by V-1 Tech, which I modded to allow for more airflow over PCH and GPU from bottom fans. Waiting on the 3D printed grill for it that I designed. So, will put up the rest of pics when it’s finally complete! But, thank you!!

  • 6 months ago
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Beautiful build man, not much to say, looks great, I’m sure it’ll perform great, and this will be a much better experience than the “geniuses” at apple

  • 6 months ago
  • 1 point

Thank you!