After 10 years, I got a new PC. My old PC is so slow, that even our family laptop (A Dell Latidude E6510) and the ****** computers of my school beated it. But now not anymore.

  • What do i use it for?

For gaming or light video editing (Youtube Poop). E-Sport Games run with high settings on 1080p on 144hz. And AAA games with ultra settings on 1080p on 60hz

  • Did i have any problems at the building process?

No, not really. It worked very well even for a "first timer". (I play PCBS and helped friends with the building prosess)

  • What are the upgrades for the future?

  • A new cooler

  • More fans
  • RGB Stripes and Cable Extensions
  • Maybe a new GPU

Part Reviews


What do i need to say. One of the best CPU's of the last years if you look at the price/performance ratio.


Very good RAM. The only bad thing is the Software, which doesn't work very well.


Very decent HDD. Nothing more to say.

Video Card

A very nice GPU. Very silent, beautiful, and powerful.


The design is nice, it is silent and building on it is a dream.

Power Supply

Decent, silent and with many connections. Very nice


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