This is my first ever build and I was so happy once everything started up.

Overall I had a great experience and turning on a computer I built everyday feels so satisfying.

Cinebench R20: 3202

Unigine Heaven 4: 3365

UserBenchmarks: Game 122%, Desk 139%, Work 119%

Also, I'm going to try to get better pictures.

Part Reviews


I plan to try overclocking in the future that is why I went with the 8700K. So far, it has not been hotter than 50C. But I have not yet run any benchmark programs to push it.

Cinebench R20 Score: 3202

CPU Cooler

It's quiet! Works and looks amazing so far. The fans never get up to full speed when gaming. I have the rad set up in the front intake with the fans pushing.


I went with EVGA because it had good reviews and I already had an EVGA ecosystem going with the GPU, AiO, and PSU. I also like how it doesn't have RGB, I wanted to only have some RGB.


I mean they are beautiful! Best looking RAM out there. The software wasn't working for me to change the RGB so I have to use the Trident Z Royal software and it works.


Used for my boot drive and it's crazy fast.


Load my games faster than my PS4 did so I'm happy.

Video Card

Obviously the GPU is amazing and I get better FPS than all my friends in every game. I went with the 2070 because I thought the price jump to the 2080 was way too much.

Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 2560x1440 High Quality Score: 3365


I got the cheapest case because there are new cases coming out in August and I think I will upgrade then. It wasn't bad to build in, the cable management was easy, but my PSU is also fully modular, so that helps. One fan in the back of the case for exhaust. I wish there were top fans but this will do for now. Overall, great case for the price.

Power Supply

Went with EVGA to keep the ecosystem going. 750W to be safe with any overclocking in the future. Also, FULL MODULAR, which helped with cable management.


Good for the price, I overclocked to 165Hz. G-Sync works.


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That's a great first build. Great cable management, a very powerful computer, and all around a good build. Good Job!

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Thank you!

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I spy a .w. face on the motherboard...

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