I built this machine a few years ago with my dad. It's mainly built for gaming, and that 1070 is holding up better than you'd think! I wasn't planning on doing anything to CPU hungry, so I decided I wasn't going to go for an i-7, however the i-5 is definitely pulling its weight. To this day it still runs AAA titles on medium to high settings depending on the game, but I plan to upgrade soon.

Part Reviews


Great CPU that is holding up really well. Nothing bad to say here!

CPU Cooler

All around great cooler. Only reason it isn't five stars is due to the fact that I've never really liked the Corsair stock fans, but that's an easy fix if you've got a couple extra bucks.


Being a pretty low end motherboard, it is absolutely fabulous. My only concern is aesthetics, as it doesn't have a plastic shield over the top of the IO or any other pretty features, however that's a very minor thing, especially if you're on a budget.


This memory is O.K. That's the best way I have to describe it. Not bad, but I've dealt with much better RAM in the past.


This is a great SSD. Not much to say about it other than it does the job perfectly.


Standard HDD... it's pretty basic and does the job.

Video Card

I absolutely love this card. Pretty standard air cooled card with a bit of RGB on the front, this thing has lasted me about 3 years without any issues, and still rips through most games on medium to high settings.


This is a really nice case. It's a bit on the cheaper side, which may be due to the fact that the side panel is acrylic and not glass. My only concern is the difficult to remove front panel (actually broke a few of the clips trying to get it off), and how dusty the window gets. Other than that, great build quality with loads of room for easy building.

Power Supply

Being only semi-modular, this PSU is a bit on the cheaper side and boy did I get my money's worth! Great performance!


This is a decent monitor, however the bezels are absolutely hideous. I bought it a few years ago when I built the PC, and I don't recall ultra-thin bezels being a huge craze back then, so maybe that's the issue. Anyways, definitely try and find a monitor with thinner bezels than this one!


One of Razer's finest, it's an absolutely fabulous keyboard with stunning RGB.


Once again Razer knocks it out of the park with beautiful RGB lighting and outstanding build quality and in-game performance.


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Nice cable management for your first build! My first build's cable management looks like a web spun by an intoxicated spider.

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Thanks! That’s thanks to Linus Tech Tips’ PC build logs lol!