This was my first ever PC build. I had a year of research and planning to build this. My main focus was for streaming with occasional gaming also. I bought all my parts on Amazon with the exception of the motherboard and Corsair fans with lighting node. Those I bought at Best Buy. I plan on doing upgrades in the future but for now, this is a start. Check it out.

Part Reviews


Love this CPU, handles everything I throw at it with ease.


Good motherboard. Would recommend to anyone wanting to build there own Ryzen build.


Its ram, what else can I really say.


SSD does exactly what I need it to do. Computer boots fast.


Good hard drive. Nothing really else to say at this time.

Video Card

So far I am satisfied with this GPU. I haven't really tested it yet, but don't plan on gaming to much with this rig.


This case is awesome. With this being my first build, I wanted a friendly build case and this is the best one I seen. Would highly recommend this case for anyone wanting to build a PC whether experienced or not.

Power Supply

A little overkill for my build, but worth it in the end when I end up upgrading.

Case Fan

Ended up buying at Best Buy out of curiosity. Wasn't planning on RGB just yet since it was my first build but very pleased with the outcome. Glad I bought it and will buy a forth fan to replace the stock NZXT fan in my case.


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Looks good. One word of advice... try and get the PC off the floor. If you have no other choice than to put it on the floor, look into getting a floor cart.

  • 10 months ago
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Thanks for the advice.... I actually just moved it yesterday to my desk and rearranged my whole set up.