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First, thank you for visiting PCPartPicker. I hope you enjoy the site, and I hope you find it useful. PCPartPicker wouldn't be possible without your feedback and feature suggestions.

Since adding this forum I've been blown away by the amount of feedback. That's a great thing! At this point though, the rate of suggestions is outstripping my ability to implement them all. So I want you to know that even if I don't respond to every topic and feature suggestion, I absolutely read every single post. I'm glad for every bit of feedback I receive - good and bad. It's my intent to improve and grow this site, and your input is critical for that.


- Philip

Title Submitted By Replies Views Last Post
Québec speaks french and there is no PCPP Canada in french. MikeVeryNoobTech 11 92 1 hour ago by Fleetleader101
New Canadian Retailers To Add MikeVeryNoobTech 1 23 2 hours ago by TheOfficialCzex
Add "Printer" for the Individual Parts? CrimsonBlood 1 38 4 hours ago by CrimsonBlood
Add Part Types for Water Cooling Components Tobi_Kenobi 2 35 1 day ago by Tobi_Kenobi
Add New Sellers For INDIA !!! Jai_Nagle 2 39 1 day ago by Jai_Nagle
LED RAM filter AverageGangMember 1 39 1 day ago by Tobi_Kenobi
List multiple parts in one row yesme 6 32 1 day ago by yesme
Is it possible to embed videos in a build guide/completed build? jamesmason 2 43 1 day ago by manirelli
Improved Private Messaging RazerZ 1 23 1 day ago by AverageGangMember
Memory clock speeds on gpus Pcjulian12343 0 20 1 day ago by Pcjulian12343
Having a "sort by" feature in the Forum Search function would be helpful. Datamatr1x 1 28 2 days ago by Rexper
Corsair H100i v2 wrong link Mikalton 0 16 3 days ago by Mikalton
Suggestion: Allow us to provide a default shipping cost estimate for retailers which don't provide one Ajedi32 2 15 3 days ago by Rexper
Canada Computers? Mindstab_Thrull 0 45 4 days ago by Mindstab_Thrull
Changes to price-drop emails. arach 0 20 4 days ago by arach
Cryorig Available in Canada (pricing) Beryun 4 40 4 days ago by Beryun
We should be able to name our own components. LongLogStudios 6 51 4 days ago by Jeff_M
SSD Parametric Filters SimonDivers 1 30 4 days ago by ThoughtA
"Hot" Sort in Completed Builds cpdt 13 135 4 days ago by manirelli
[add] front panel usb 3.1 option to cases anonvx 3 44 4 days ago by Ajedi32
Micro Center? WirelessCables 6 85 4 days ago by Ender_Mist
Sticky/Pinned Threads montiago 2 30 5 days ago by manirelli
Please make it easy to copy completed builds to new builds foxtrot1_1 1 35 5 days ago by manirelli
Tech News Thread rhali8 4 58 5 days ago by TheOfficialCzex
Create Build Guide and Create Completed Build buttons under user profile Hobie12345 1 21 5 days ago by TheOfficialCzex
Completed build has been pending moderation for 8 months jbrid 7 107 5 days ago by foxtrot1_1
Type of glass Side Panel AverageGangMember 1 37 6 days ago by Razorwing02
A wattage counter on the "Completed Build" PC lists. FlyinToasteronie 5 123 6 days ago by jipster69
Suggested link section kalas22 7 61 7 days ago by WirelessCables
Collapsible Comments sq_sqd 4 63 7 days ago by TheOfficialCzex
Search by username daarmoredcreeper_Gaming 5 80 7 days ago by TheOfficialCzex
Location based system builds (e.g. AUS) alterator 7 59 8 days ago by alterator
Motherboard filter Options theflyingfool 0 52 9 days ago by theflyingfool
AM4 Cooler Support rhali8 9 106 9 days ago by Growliff1234
Color Filter for CPU Cooler RBYMewtwo 0 47 9 days ago by RBYMewtwo
Please remove DirectCanada, they are horrible. sandman369 2 73 10 days ago by BlueSonata
Ryzen not supported? sfxer0 11 123 13 days ago by Pcjulian12343
Toggle user generated build guides S0nny_WarBucks58 5 81 14 days ago by vagabond139
Can't Login 53by9 3 69 14 days ago by manirelli
Place to view builds you +1 Jakeddog 4 70 14 days ago by manirelli
Better price changes graphs for system builds Nuckles_56 0 27 15 days ago by Nuckles_56
Clicking the Shop Link doesn't go to the Shop's website Nehemz 1 25 15 days ago by manirelli
Make the "Forums" button as big as the "System Build" button AverageGangMember 12 101 15 days ago by Xorex64
Can we get a last online/active feature for user profiles? Tearitup79 2 66 15 days ago by AverageGangMember
Water cooled option on completed builds Jakeddog 4 41 15 days ago by Jakeddog
Adding Item Status on the list Nehemz 0 20 15 days ago by Nehemz
Links redirect to US pcpartpicker when on AU site GeekWithAKeyboard 2 51 16 days ago by Rexper
"Best Answer" designation Razorwing02 20 129 16 days ago by S0nny_WarBucks58
Your Web Site is Down a Lot Dabindigo 9 136 16 days ago by Dabindigo
Monitor search options angrymoose 1 63 17 days ago by AwesomeBuilderXE1901